Promardi - Why Signup with Promardi?

General Information

Promardi's ecosystem connects all music, arts and entertainment professionals to opportunities throughout the industry.  Review the important benfits you get, by signing up for a Promardi membership account today:

  • List your profile in our international music directory
  • Show your music and arts "credits network" (Links to all industry professionals)
    • Show all artists, musicians and other Art & Entertainment Professional that have worked within the industry
    • Show radio stations, DJs and media companies that "like/support/endorse" your brand
    • Review professionals and their network to see if you would like to hire them or work with them
      • Professionals such as songwriters, composers, arrangers, producers, engineers and their work can be reviewed in seconds
      • Choreographers, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and other support roles can be viewed in seconds
  • Apply for music industry opportunities (Requests for events, artists, songs, musicians, producers, composers and more...)
  • Get access to radio stations and connect with DJs and Media companies based on their reach:
    • media company access and Listener/Viewer, Demographic and Social networking statistics
  • Market campaigns, events and advertisements in seconds through email blasts or over 20+ social media networking tools
  • Marketing, promote, sell music and merchandise through promardi music distribution centers using dynamic Quick Response (QR) code technology
  • DJs, Radio Stations, Talent Bookers and Promoters get access to EPKs, BIOs, videos, songs, social media statistics and credit network in seconds
  • In your Virtual Office, create and share documents with industry professionals and the fans
    • Create meeting minutes with multimedia links to securely share with participants.  Update document and all parties involved will automatically receive the update in a single click
    • Create itineraries to be shared with all participants in seconds
    • Create marketing campaigns (with QR code and multimedia links) to be sent by email and to all social networking platforms.  Update campaign and resend updates in seconds
  • Search for Sponsorship & Distribution opportunities


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