What Is Promardi?

General Information

Do you know who promotes your brand? 

Promardi provides brand promotion, marketing and distribution services to our international music and arts industry members.  We empower our members with a professional network, innovative tools and real-time metrics to measure their industry success.

With our member network, we provide the following:

  • a membership reach of over 95 million weekly listeners (fans to our members)
  • credits documentation to industry professionals of all the professionals you have worked with in the industry
  • social media statistics and the ability connect with your fans
  • give members access to their own Interactive TV Channel 
  • track and rank your brand with metrics (radio station listeners, magazine readers, etc) in "real" time

Depending on the role you play in the industry, we have an opportunity for you to connect, market and expand your brand with other members in our network.  Our business to busines network could lead to opportunities throughout the music and arts industries.  Here are some examples:


  • Upload profile, connect to your music credits
  • See industry reports in real-time
  • DJ/Radio Station - Request music for radio airplay, interviews and opportunities to perform
  • Writers/Editors/Interviews - Request interview, featured article in print/on-line/Video based media channel
  • Talent Agent/Booker - Request your services to perform
  • Sponsors - Request your services to brand their company, products or services
  • Review artist profiles (Music, Video, EPK, Brand Reach Statistics)
  • Access to international record pool
  • Vote for artist songs on international charts per genre
  • Artists - Submit request for radio airplay, interviews and opportunities to perform on festivals you produce or book for
  • Sponsors - Request your services to brand their company, products or services
  • ALL - Request your services for advertising and promotion



Check out what our members are saying...


Stevie Soul "Promardi is a game changer.  With Promardi we unite. The future is ours. Let's get it!"

SoulShine Sessions "I love Promardi!  No matter how the beats are mixed Promardi is always fresh with new artist, new songs, new videos, and new connections. Linking music entertainment professionals and arts to opportunities throughout their networking industry. A candy store of internationally flavored genres, I taste daily" 

Eric Roberson "I use Promardi daily to build my brand.  Promardi comes to the rescue to provide a movement that reintroduces the culture of knowing how the song was created and the ability to connect with those who created the song.  I remember as a kid reading credits as I listened to an album.  It completed my experience.  Who played what?  Who wrote what?  Was there a sample in the song and where was it from?  What studio did they record in?  I wouldn't have my career if people didn't see my name on credits for artists like Jill Scott, Musiq Soul Child and Will Downing."

Monica Weeks "Promardi connects you to brand promoters that matter.  The New Brunswick Jazz Festival will someday be on par with the leading music festivals in the world.  Promardi is uniquely positioned to help get us there! Promardi through its global marketing platform links the NBJF to the whole world through a mobile device. It's an amazing new product that will revolutionize the music industry. WE LOVE IT!"

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